5100 Troost Ave Present Day: a small, but mighty nonprofit bike shop!


Revolve rescues, refurbishes, and redistributes bicycles as the solution for healthy lifestyles, and affordable, earth-friendly transportation. We get Kansas City cycling!

With our co-founders being League Cycling Instructors of the League of American Bicyclists, it is no wonder that the crowning achievement of our inaugural year was our influence on the Kansas City business community to help generate eight Bicycle Friendly Businesses (BFB’s) where before there were none.

While retaining its grassroots nature, our small but mighty 501(c)3 organization now seeks to ground itself within the framework of a non-profit community bike shop; a place that welcomes and supports all would-be bicycle commuters. Please read our Earn-a-Bike Program page to learn how we fulfill our mission.

The Earn-a-Bike program currently taking place at the Revolve Community Bike Shop at 5100 Troost in Kansas City, MO and 554 Central Avenue in Kansas City, KS has already proven its effectiveness in providing earth-friendly transportation to anyone who invests their time and effort to earn it. In 4 years of operation, 813 have participants successfully completed one of two options offered to help participants earn quality refurbished bikes and new helmets.  We get Kansas City cycling!
This is how we keep the bills paid…

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